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Castles in the Sand


As a social drama, “Castles in the Sand” reveals how a mother/son relationship can be corrupted and manipulated leading to the murder and attempted murder of innocent people. It also transports the reader into a world where women are exploited as escorts for the benefit of wealthy businessmen, and to the dangerous underworld of Point Road in Durban during the early 1960s where prevailing social norms were inverted to satisfy every conceivable lust and passion. As a crime mystery thriller, it is suspenseful and engaging with characters assuming fake identities as a means to avenge past deeds and shows how innocent people are lured into lethal traps and situations. The narrative foregrounds a historical period in South Africa’s history where one sector of the population dominated the political landscape at the expense of the majority, highlighting how this period of social engineering was able to survive without serious threat from within or from outside the country.


Tekweni Price: R210 (South Africa)  |  R265 (International)
Paperback: 217 pages
Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-620-88611-6

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