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Granny’s Lockdown


Covid-19 lockdowns brought many families closer together while spiking physical and verbal abuse and even suicide in others. Then there were those families where the lockdown added an emotional edge to an already volatile co-existence as in the case of a working-class household where a domineering grandmother has kept her two orphaned, and now adult grandsons, in an emotional lockdown by withholding a closely held secret from the past which has kept them largely dependent on her.

The toxic cauldron of emotions that she had created over the years in her manipulation of their lives boils over during the lockdown giving vent to explosive issues of abuse, male impotency and infidelity.

Granny’s Lockdown fits into an emerging genre of true fiction in novels and films where the narrative is strongly rooted in reality both in events and characters, drawing the reader or viewer into a heightened experience where margins between fiction and non-fiction are blurred”


Tekweni Price: R195 (South Africa)  |  R250 (International)
Publisher: Tekweni Media
Language: English
Paperback: 137 pages

ISBN: 978-0-620-96626-9

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