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Growing Up In White South Africa


“Growing up in ‘WHITE’ South Africa” is a delightful journey back into the past that brings alive an era that should resonate with those who lived through it, and fascinate those who didn’t. The author captures the sounds, smells, nuances, events and special characteristics of a post-war age that remain etched in his memory. His poignant recounting of the period of his youth against the background of a world that was rapidly undergoing change both at home and abroad is imbued with touches of humour, that comes with a retrospective view of the follies of youth.

The journey moves from the secure environment of his early youth to adventures in the Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) bushveld after leaving school, and then onto London at the height of the Beat era in the late 50s, eventually returning to South Africa and university life in the swinging 60s, where his membership of an eccentric literary sect called the Druids contrasts with his political activities as an executive member of the student representative council and NUSAS that challenged the draconian laws of apartheid. The underlying subtext is a political narrative of a divided country where its people were systematically racially categorized and separated into allotted group areas; it is also how the author’s social and political awareness developed and changed during his growing up years as the apartheid system became increasingly harsh and evil. From being a purely passive observer and beneficiary of a privileged minority group, he began to take an active stand in opposing the system.

Just finished your book Neville, must say it’s really well written. I just loved it. All in all, a brilliant book, well done.
Review by: Gordon Seiler

I was going to wait until I had finished your book before writing to you but I have just laughed (again) so loudly that tears were streaming down my face and so I thought I would write to you now.
Review by:Sheena Hurworth

Reading your story leaves me spellbound. You are so funny! And there is so much history to absorb. Really and truly amazing.
Review by: Clive Thompson

There is something so honest, so true…so authentic about this story… the lust for life, the experimentation with relationships, the growing exercise of conscience and the sense of spiritual pilgrimage.
Review by: Fr Roger Hickley

5 out of 5 stars Great Reading *****
Loved all the details, humor, stepping into the author’s life.
Great and easy reading.

Review by: Amazon Reader


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Publisher: Tekweni Media
Language: English
Paperback: 495 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9946692-7-8

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