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Tatsfield Dairy : Cruelty Free Milk and Yogurt Farm


Tatsfield Dairy Farm in the KZN Midlands, is a dairy farm with a difference, where the cows are seen as more than milk-producing machines.

“Our quality of milk is very high because our cows aren’t pushed……we’re a low input low output. We understand that we’re never going to get 25 liters out of a cow which some dairies do but we’re fine with that because the quality is so much better. The milk solids in our milk are much higher than normal milk so we’re very happy and our girls are very happy, very many madams; if they don’t want to be milked they don’t get milked, if it’s windy they don’t want to walk they won’t walk.” “We don’t remove calves from their moms, they are free to drink and learn from their natural mother…So we urge you to buy our ethically produced milk products and you will receive the highest quality milk for no other reason than all the milk is produced for us with love and care by our very special girls”…Abbey Martin, Tatsfield farm, KZN Midlands Meander. Subscribe Now!