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The Irish Boer Woman


The Irish Boer Woman is the second volume of the Brigid O’Meara trilogy that follows the life of an adventurous young Irish woman who is drawn into the intrigues and violence of the Jameson Raid of 1895, as told in the first volume England Wants Your Gold.

In this sequel, Brigid, as an Irish nationalist, is drawn into the conflict of the Anglo Boer War by identifying and entering the struggle of the Boers to retain their independence, putting her into direct conflict with prevailing British policies in an expanding global empire. Her loyalty to the Boer cause leads to her incarceration in a British concentration camp. Adding to her emotional turmoil is her romantic involvement with a British Uitlander, who is facing charges of high treason for smuggling weapons into the Transvaal Republic


The Irish Boer Woman draws one into the world of the people who found themselves in the midst of the Anglo Boer War, to share their experiences – the foreboding, the hope and despair, the fear, resentment and hatred, and the terrible loss and suffering of many. The examples of brutality but also of tenderness and support in the midst of great misery, the bitterness of the defeated……it is all there.

Professor Johann van den Berg

A riveting tales of courage, determination, and selflessness, as the Irish Boer Woman struggles for everything she holds dear. Along with a deep and thorough knowledge of political issues, Neville Herrington has captured the essence of the early Afrikaners’ quest for self-determination in their struggle against British imperialism.

Jacky Parker – British Historian


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