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Zulu Culture and Traditions Documentary


The Zulu Culture and Traditions documentary is packed with fascinating visuals of the rich traditions of Zulu culture, this video takes the viewer into the heart of Zululand where archaeological diggings show a heritage extending back into the iron-age and where ancient traditions are still practiced in the cultural villages. Experience the excitement of the energetic Zulu traditional dancing Ngoma – once used to consolidate Zulu impis into a formidable force in preparation for battle.


  1. Traditional Zulu Ngoma dancing 00:00:03
  2. The symbolic use of animal skins 00:01:44
  3. Annual Zulu dancing festivals 00:02:40
  4. Traditional Zulu villages 00:03:37
  5. Home brewed Zulu beer 00:05:01
  6. Zulu food 00:06:54
  7. Zulu shield making 00:08:00
  8. Zulu spears 00:09:26
  9. Archaeological Zulu diggings 00:10:12
  10. Archaeological Zulu pots and grindstones 00:12:52
  11. Archaeological burial of Zulu child in clay pot 00:13:40
  12. Talc deposits used by Zulu people 00:14:31
  13. Zulu cosmetic use of talc 00:15:16
  14. Painting of body in Zulu and Xhosa initiation rites 00:16:46
  15. Sangomas 00:17:00
  16. Sangoma throwing bones 00:17:35
  17. A sacred place in Zulu hut 00:17:55
  18. Zulu beadwork 00:19:11
  19. Rickshaw pullers 00:20:34